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Pervasive Ignorance

April 23, 2009

[UPDATE: Please read my comments]

Because somebody can write doesn’t mean they should.  And because somebody can’t write good (me) doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. 

Mr. Joe Lazzaro is one of those persons.  He writes one of the most brain dead pieces of publishing I’ve ever read bashing the “tea parties” of all things without  any merit.  So, since he likes to bash people for no reason I’m going to bash him.  I’m just doing it with merit.  I’m going to bash his article for being stupid and prove without a doubt that Joey’s article is dumb.

Let’s start out very simply with the following quote:

Since the Tea Parties expressed concern about taxes, let’s focus on that issue. Obama’s tax policy will cut taxes on 95 percent of Americans and raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year, with some exceptions for small businesses.

Cutting taxes on 95% of Americans is not cutting taxes.  Cutting taxes is reducing the amount of taxes paid by people or collected by the government.  “Cutting taxes on 95% of Americans” doesn’t mean “cutting taxes”.    Therefore, those at tea parties could very well have a legitimate gripe as Obama is raising taxes as well as cutting taxes.  Mr. Lazzaro points out who is having their taxes raised and “supposedly” who is having their taxes cut.   This perpetuates President Obama’s bigotry by forcing the reader to choose sides either they are for the 95% tax cuts or for the rich greed mongerers.  Me I’m for tax cuts all the way around not tax raises as Obama is raising taxes overall on America not cutting them when you sum his numbers together.  Perpetuation of bigotry is dumb.  Mr. Lazzaro perpetuates bigotry in his article.

Mr. Lazzaro goes on to sideline peoples anger towards the policies currently taking place.  Anger is an emotion and has served man for a long time.  As Bruce Lee was apt to say, “We need emotional content.”   Anger can cause action it is seldom that action is taken without an emotional impetus. 

Mr. Lazzaro should know this as he is indeed writing from a very illogical and poorly thought out perspective.  He is writing from emotion not logic.  Not thinking before one writes is dumb.  Mr. Lazzaro doesn’t think before he wrote this article.  But I digress…

The article goes on with poor illogical statements like this saying that tea party members won’t make an impact because they are people that…

Opposed government spending for financial stabilization and fiscal stimulus. One problem here: without the financial stabilization measures, the very market-based economy they support – or at least they say they support – would have slowed to a crawl, if not become completely incapacitated.

There is no proof of this what-so-ever!  This is just sound and fury.  It means nothing.  The government and economists have never PROVED that this would have happened.  Yes, businesses would have failed.  Yes, we would go through some changes, maybe even hard changes.  But there was no PROOF that this was financial Armageddon.  Furthermore, there was no proof that if it is or was financial Armageddon that the government has done anything to stop it or fix it.  It’s like saying that the ship is sinking so we need to steal from the treasury in order to fund our poker game below deck (This concept is in thanks to those at   Stealing from a ship (that may or may not be sinking) to continue a poker game below deck is dumb.  Mr. Lazzaro advocates stealing from a potentially sinking ships treasury to continue a poker game below deck in his article.

Mr. Lazzaro probably has a PhD as he’s obviously a bigot of those less educated then him as he states…

An anti-intellectual strain mixed with an anti-education strain.

It’s sad that he is a bigot.  Just because people had varying degrees of education at the tea parties is no reason to disregard them as therefore they wouldn’t make any impact.  And further he thinks people without education are “anti-education”.   What is truly sad is he is a bigot towards those without logic and yet he doesn’t post anything logical in his whole article.  As I’ve said before bigotry is dumb.  Mr. Lazzaro is a bigot in this article.  He also doesn’t think before he writes this article which dumb too.

Next he goes on to say the tea party was opposed to all taxes.  Where did he come up with this?!?!  Tea parties were opposed to all government because being opposed to big government is to amorphous a term and therefore these people are opposed to all government?!?!?!  Sorry, but I didn’t see anarchists at the tea parties?  Neither did Mr. Lazzaro he is of course making this up to slander those at the tea parties by painting them as anarchists opposed to all taxes and all government by writing…

People who appeared to be opposed to all taxes. Fine. Join the club. So is everyone else. The problem is, taxes are needed to fund government services.

People who were opposed to ‘big government,’ so in that sense the rallies had a libertarian strain. Let’s logically extend what the Tea Partiers advocate. Which aspect of big government do they want to dismantle first? The U.S. Department of Defense? Perhaps Social Security? Perhaps Medicare? Perhaps the National Parks Service? To cite a phrase popularized by tennis legend John McEnroe, “You can NOT be serious!”

Mr. Lazzaro ends his post by talking about how this group is the fringe and a small percentage of people.  Therefore, they will not make an impact.  Um…now that is just dumb…

He forgets we live in a Republic where it’s not tyranny by the majority.  America was once a fringe colony of a greater nation.  We didn’t matter; we were the minority so we could be trampled and ruled over, taxed to death, and have no say.  We didn’t have any leadership then, we didn’t have any military might, we only had our anger and our ideologies based on logic and truth.  But of course a well educated intellectual like Mr. Lazzaro can easily say the minorities don’t matter.  Well…well educated intellectuals like Mr. Lazzaro with their degrees that forget or don’t know history are dumb.  As those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  And it’s just dumb to do the same dumb thing over and over again when it is not successful. 

By the way, Mr. Lazzaro isn’t the only person out there writing these dumb articles.  There is a list of some of the dumbest anti-tea party bashing people at

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  1. April 24, 2009 1:03 pm

    I updated the article to change the attack directly from Joey to Joey’s article. He may have written more intellectual things in other articles, all though I doubt it. None-the-less it is not fair to judge the man from one article. I will judge this article though as being one dumb piece of writing.

  2. April 24, 2009 7:51 pm

    I posted a link to this article in the comments on the article discussed above. That link and comment was deleted. It seems I struck a cord. However, they only deleted my comment and back link. Obviously, the author cannot defend his own article.

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