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President Obama’s Policies

April 23, 2009

Since we voted for President Obama I wanted to list what he has done so far to make sure he was what we expected.  So far the President’s policies to date have been:

  • Spend trillions (9.3 trillion and counting)
  • Expand TARP
  • Continue Bush’s spending programs
  • Lead a pork laden government program and spending bill and call it a Economic Recovery Bill
  • Spend more money in the standard OMB spending bill
  • Raise taxes on American’s (But lie and say, “They were tax cuts.”)
  • Show America’s fealty to a Muslim king
  • Act weak on Korea’s missile program
  • Join the Hugo Chavez book club
  • Apologize to Europe for America’s bad behavior while failing to get European support for Afghanistan
  • Call succesful people lucky
  • Have horrible troubles getting a cabinet with resignations and the such
  • Give bad gifts to foreign dignitaries
  • Appoint an idiot Treasury Secretary who is in fact a documented tax cheat
  • Pretend that capitalism is to blame for the economic bubble instead of saying it like it is; when it is human greed and government incentive
  • Snub his nose at our top allies
  • Allow the Department of Homeland Security to label Right-Wing people and vets as potential violent terrorist that should be monitored
  • Fire CEO’s in private corporations in line with Fascist economic principles
  • Attempt to overload the US & Russian relationship
  • Promote abortion globally by using tax dollars to expand abortion in the US and internationally
  • Release CIA and military interrogation methods further empowering our enemies
  • Bailout poorly run states and locals
  • Pretend that our interrogations methods are torture
  • Sign blatently Unconstitutional bills of attainder
  • Pretend that torture is always wrong
  • Slow down military spending
  • Act like he is going to prosecute those that ok’d approved torture methods to politicize our military and intelligence gathering industrial complex
  • Allow the military to shoot a few pirates
  • Spend more money funding illegal immigrants and call it economic stimulus

Well, his first 100 days are now behind us.  What lays in store? More spending, more tax increases, more bad leadership, more erosion of American strength, etc. 

He will also continue to talk and talk, while lying through his teeth, (with the aid of his teleprompter) knowing that the majority of American’s will get their news in sound blurbs and never take the time, like I have, to look at his policies.  Therefore, his approval rate will remain high as we head down this wide path and through the wide gate.  What of Obama’s policies do you like? Which ones do you dislike?  Anything to add?

This is what you voted for it’s time to own it!  You may like these policies or you may dislike these policies; but we as a nation have to own them.

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