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Conservative vs. Liberal

May 8, 2009

Republican politicians often forget that conservatism is an argument, while liberalism is a promise. The conservative champions both the moral and practical superiority of liberty and individualism. The liberal promises tangible rewards in exchange for votes. The conservative argument will never be over, because any free-market system will always include a certain population who fare poorly. No matter how small that population is, or how much the overall wealth of society eases the burden of their poverty, they will always be extremely receptive to the seduction of collective politics: You’re not responsible for your lot in life. You were cheated. The wealth of others is unfair. Give us the “freedom” that wasn’t doing you any good anyway, and we will sharpen it into a weapon against those who took advantage of you. Give us your undying support, and you’ll never have to worry about feeling confused, guilty, or inadequate again. Voting for the Democrat ticket will fully discharge your moral and intellectual duty as a citizen – we’ll take it from there. In fact, we’ve got ACORN representatives standing by to fill that ballot out for you. You have a “right” to housing, a job, health care, a college education, easy credit, and a host of other benefits, and the liberal promises to provide all of these things, while making nameless rich people pick up the tab.

I think this is well said, and almost a certainty with government education that teaches people not to question their world and reality.  Unfortunatley I think it’s more of the Stupid American’s syndrome that is so pervasive throughout society.  What are we to do with all these idiots running around?

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  1. americaneedshonestchange permalink
    May 8, 2009 4:51 pm

    It is always an interesting argument. Check out my related views on moderates, conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans on

  2. wedontneedchangeweneedaleader permalink
    May 18, 2009 12:30 pm

    I believe that if being a liberal was the correct path you people wouldn’t have to pressure the American youth to conform. The funny thing is that our troops are mostly conservative yet it is the liberals who are telling them how to do there job. Being a liberal is not being a free thinker, it is simply just a bunch of conformist who really do not understand the world in which we live in

    • May 18, 2009 1:51 pm

      I agree. Why do you think they hold on to school education so harshly? An educated populous would mean the end to the current liberalism in government today.

  3. giovanniworld permalink
    June 5, 2009 10:18 pm

    I would hope that as time wears on, people would start to see the difference between a Republican and a Conservative.

    As an example I put myself on the line. I am very much a Conservative, and a proud one at that. I am NOT a Republican. I am like many other Conservatives across the country that are constantly accused of being in the tank for the GOP. That is one septic tank you will not find me getting within 10 miles of. In my state we are classified as Un-affiliated. I like this set-up because it means we don’t have to sell our souls to either party.

    Then that pesky little problem pops-up… what candidate comes closest to my way of thinking, usually is a Republican.

    All that to ask you to try taking a shot at writing what the diffrences are between a true Conservative and a Country Club Republican. Skip Democrat and liberal, as I can stomach neither.

    • June 8, 2009 1:44 pm

      Thanks for your post and analysis. I agree. I think that the modern Republican “Party” has done more to hurt the cause of freedom and conservatism then has the Democrats. Personally, I think the challenge to the Republican’s become a truly conservative party again is in the logic of American’s. We’ve become such a soundbyte society we’re (as a whole group of various individuals) looking for the politician that can provide “solutions” (i.e. what sounds like solutions) in a soundbyte. Conservative solutions based in a sound worldview are usually more complex, they take delayed gratification, hard work, and integrity.

      As for your question, it is indeed a good one although challenging. I imagine that the “Republican” says they stand for the same things a Conservative does. However, I imagine that the true diffrence comes from where the rubber meets the road. I’ll think on it and let you know what I come up with.

  4. Gina L permalink
    January 29, 2010 8:36 pm

    In retrospect what is good or what is right or wrong? What is the issue with people and why? These are some things I ask myself frequently. We worry so much as a country and as a people about money but why. Isn’t money just a piece of paper. Money won’t be there when you die and neither will possessions. Through education and just pondering about life and why people do the things they do those questions come about. In reality we are all one people who require just as much as another and because of the discoveries and technologies we have come across and farming we can in fact feed the world. No one has the right to be hungry no one should be. What is the point in fighting about who is left or right or green or purple? The point is what are we living for and why have big corporations that destroy the environment/ecosystem. Why have all this money? What is money worth in retrospect? Nothing it’s just a piece of why fight over it. Why have people working so often that they don’t have time to enjoy what they have so thankfully been put on this earth for. Other than just working so much for a little bit of money in order to then enjoy life when we were brought into this world for the sole purpose of circumstance and love and peace. When we are babies we are filled with so much joy and happiness but that all seems to change when we get older.
    Why? Why not live according to how you want or how you want to live with nature and with love. People are all capable of being those babies again and living life with happiness and joy. Instead of living with fake sicknesses and illnesses like extreme sadness and etc. that are all created in the minds of other people..trying to exploit the cause of human emotions is just silly. It is quite crazy how we create these different illnesses in order to make money. Billions and Billions of money go into pharmaceuticals. Aren’t they then dealing drugs even though it’s not considered legal in the minds of people that are doing it. Also is it not true that these drugs that they sell lead to more drugs and more drugs because of crazy ill side effects. Life is just crazy where all we can think of is politics and who is conservative or liberal when in retrospect why does any of this matter and why does anyone have to vote when the electoral peeps lol will have the end vote anyway. And why do we have to abide by so called social norms that have been established by people who are only concerned with growth of wealth. But isn’t wealth a state of mind. Isn’t it all just a power trip? People wanting to be in control of others. Why can’t everyone be educated shouldn’t that be a right not a privilege. They say we have the right to be whatever we want to be but the only exception is you have to either be rich and white or you can be really poor and get financed through the gov. but only sometimes and not everybody. But what about the people in those gray areas. What about the grey areas people! So politics yeah; what about the people who are wanting more than just liberal or conservative isn’t there something else to choose from other than two sides of thinking. I think it is just because people are so concerned about what is RIGHT VS. WRONG or UP VS. DOWN or LEFT VS. RIGHT but there is so much more. So much more to life than all of this blue or black silliness.
    Peace and Love to all!

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