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There is NO Health Care Debate

August 21, 2009

My friends at I’m afraid are “blowing in the wind“.  They want open and honest debate for health care reform.  But there is none because currently there is no health care debate.

Again, let me say the truth there is no health care debate.  It’s all fictional.  Like the spoon in the movie the Matrix.  It is a straw man meant to grab our attention while the true fight lays behind the scenes.

The health care debate is two sides fighting over maintaining their entrenched status quo’s.  It is a power struggle that has nothing to do about costs, health care, insurance, taxes or anything remotely resembling what the American people actually would and should care about.

Democrats are arguing to expand the Medicare/caid status quo and further entrench this with other public pay or “co-op” options.  It’s nothing new it’s been around it is wasteful money sucking, completely insolvent and nearly bankrupt power harness on the American people.

Republican’s are arguing to “contain” costs with various deregulation schemes/tort reform/etc.  Which is really again just more of the same a mix of somewhat less regulated insurance companies and lower malpratice claims meaning more money for insurance companies and less for lawyers.  (i.e. the government still picks and chooses the winners and lossers)

Neither of these choices are change the GOP or the Dems are both selling snake oil and laughing all the way to the bank.  These are just power grabbing rockstar babies fighting over the territory of the average American taxpayer.

I KNOW a thing or two about TRUE leaders.  My father and grandfather are and were both TRUE leaders, I’ve study leaders, my second business mentor wrote books on leadership, and HISTORY is full of true leaders.   A true leader is one that is willing to give away their power. Look at Washington, Ghandi, Christ, King, etc. when offered power, money, fame, and thrones they gave it up. True change would be doing away with power Washington turned down the thrown to America.   The opposite of our modern day politicians who on both sides are SEEKING power.

Deregulating an industry 50% controlled by government is meaningless. Tort reform is something that can ebb a flow with swaying legislation and is meaningless.  These are temporary band-aids for an entrenched system of opperations.  It’s like a band-aid for a man with cancer.  While the Democrats are are calling for blood-letting by bleeding the already dying system.  Both sides are fighting for their own political and corrupted power.

So, what is the answer.  If the system is broken or dying what would a true leader do?  True reform will be ending the idiocy of Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security to name a few.  Cancel these systems tell the American people to solve their own problems government is not the savior of mankind.  It is time for the children of the elderaly to step up and care for their parents.  It’s time for the baby-boomers to wake-up and realize there isn’t going to be a free lunch.  And it’s time for American’s to demonstrate responsibility, earning ones way, and hardwork to younger generations.  I am not alone in my call for true reform and am not alone in seeking true leadership – as this article points out.  Although, along with that article I feel that I’m deeply in the minority.     The American people and for that matter the world are wading through a sea of lies, power hungry, egoists seldom seen in the course of human history.

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  1. August 21, 2009 5:49 pm

    Interesting. So you are saying there isn’t one good idea out there at all? When a Republican suggests allowing interstate commerce of insurance, that is a power grab? When a Republican suggests limiting financial gains through frivolous lawsuits it is a power grab? Fascinating. I’d think the two coupled together would reduce money to insurance companies. From what I understand Doctors purchase higher cost insurance to cover potential frivolous lawsuits. Capping the rewards would reduce the need, and/or cost of the insurance, thus reducing the money to said insurance company. Couple that with open interstate competition and money to insurance would seem to be even less… Then there is the decoupling of health insurance from company tax free benefits…

    Perhaps you could expand on how those three ideas are just as bad for the nation as the “public option”

    • August 21, 2009 8:10 pm

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m not saying there isn’t good ideas out there. I’m just saying that ideas designed to continue the status quo are not change. And take away from the true issue mounting us debt and insolvency forcing inflation and taxes in the future that will increase the cost not-decrease the cost of health care.

      But perhaps I missed it what Republican’s are proposing allowing interstate commerce of insurance?

      As for tort reform, I’m not sure about that why should congress be allowed to decide how much pain and suffering a person has or how much in damages would truly punish a company. This is trying to put technocrats in positions of power as much as any public option in my opinion. I’m not for tort reform.

      As for deregulation this is indeed a better step in the right direction and it is something that has to be done also the decoupling of health insurance from company benefits is critical too. Individuals need to be responsible for their own health care. Insurance companies need to focus on designing solutions for individuals not employers.

      I understand that the Republican’s “Patient Choice Act of 2009″ removed corporate tax benefits for employees but other then that I didn’t read much about deregulation? Only tax cuts and further revisions to Medicare/Medicaid (i.e. more Republican spending). They had State Enterchange Partnerships, I think, but no deregulation of interstate commerce for health plans directly that I saw. And then there was even more spending for additional government health programs for diseases and vaccines something like $50 million I think… To me it read like more of the same status quo. More Medicare/Medicaid and more government spending with a little change by pushing health care insurance costs onto individuals. So that they can shoulder the hidden taxes in health care placed on the industry by Medicare and Medicaid.

      I don’t purpose that those three ideas are bad for the nation (except perhaps tort reform). Deregulation and a focus on individual health insurance (vs. employer) are necessary of course in concert with the abolition of Medicare/caid. As long as Medicare/caid exists we are heading for an economic catastrophe. I’ll write more on that maybe this weekend in response to your post below. We’re going to default at some point and time if we keep up the pace even the CBO says Medicare is bankrupt by 2017. It’s just a matter of time.

      What I’m saying is there is no debate. What are Republican’s proposing as a viable alternative? I agree there are American’s out their with good ideas. Deregulation and taxing benefits is a good idea because it forces individuals to be responsible for themselves. But other then the taxing idea I haven’t seen much else of benefit from the Republican’s just more spending and more of the Status quo. Medicare/caid are running up costs just as much as benefits being handled by employers. This is a hidden tax as well shifting the responsibility for health care from employers to individuals has merit but if you don’t address the rising cost of health care created from Medicare/caid then your only shifting the burden from corporations to individuals to carry the rising costs. The rising cost of health care is being driven by the elderly and they are or will be covered under Medicare.


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