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On 9/11 State Department Urges Raising Money for Mosques?!?!

September 11, 2009

I wanted to post something commemorating 9/11 but it seems we have forgotten 9/11 and we have forgotten, “There are people trying to kill us simply because our culture and beliefs are not theirs.”

Why do I say this? Read on…

Despite the seperation of church and state doctrine.  The state department appears to have issued a memo encouraging State Department officials to help organize campaigns to raise food for local area mosques and communities.

Say, what?!?!?!

Organize a food-drive for the end of Ramadan with religious leaders and citizens in Muslim communities to donate to a local mosque or community

Yep, you read that right.  No Ummah or main religious leader in Islam has ever appologized for 9/11.  And perhaps as few as 200,000,000 Muslims and as many as 900,000,000 Muslims are cool with the idea of violent Jihad according to research.  And the “Religion of Peace” is still clocking in at 3-4 average documented killings EVERY DAY but moderate Muslims remain pretty silent.  Yet according to the memo I linked to our State Department should try and organize fund raising events for mosques to commemorate 9/11!

I hope the memo is a fake.   Cooperation relys on trust.  A group of people from whom no leading figure has ever apologized and from which the moderate community remains silent cannot establish a relationships of trust.   If their can be no trust there can be no cooperation.  Cooperation implies atleast two (groups or individuals) working together not one working alone.  Especially, while a large portion (20-40%) of the group not working together is actually working to stick a knife in the other groups/individuals back.  But what would somebody expect from our politicians? Less stupidity!

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